About the Book

Cover - CopyHow does a single acorn produce an intricate structure of branches and leaves? How do migrating birds organize into sweeping patterns across the sky? How does a grounded caterpillar acquire wings and the gift of flight? These are just a few of many questions that arise by observing nature with a keen and watchful eye. By addressing these questions, Pierre Doucet and Paul Doucet are inspired to ask an even deeper question. Is the complexity of nature designed or the result of chance events over time?
Through an extensive inquiry into the natural world, they uncover a number of timeless principles that shed light on the question of design or chance. The authors show how these principles offer a rational explanation for the complexity of nature, and also how they apply to the unfolding of life. The Landscape of Reality provides an evidence-based perspective that is grounded in science and nature. From this framework readers are invited to examine their own lives. They will see how the timeless principles in nature—and the universe as a whole—have a profound influence on the nature of reality, and finally, on their unique life experience.

eBook available worldwide on:

Paperback available in Canada and the U. S.




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